Alexandria, KY City Council


6 Seats (i)=incumbent

Kyle Sparks

I am running for re-election to Alexandria City Council with respect for our cities past and excitement for the future.  The city of Alexandria’s growth is inevitable. Managing that growth is one of the biggest challenges facing city leaders, which includes planning a zoning. As chairman of the cities “Business Retention and Development” committee, we have highlighted and promoted current businesses to ensure they remain a part of the community. I will continue this if re-elected.  When COVID19 surfaced and mandatory lockdowns were ordered, we were able to assist businesses with grants to bridge the financial hardship.  Our Mayor was the driving force behind this, I was happy to vote “yes” with the rest of my fellow councilpersons. Keeping our current businesses and creating an environment for business development that will provide needed services to our residents, will always be a priority for me and will assist in keeping taxes low in Alexandria.  Anticipating the future and creating a strategic vision for the city is a necessity moving forward. As a council, we will need to be proactive with planning and zoning to create business zones providing essential services.

I am always open to all input from our citizens, your voice should always be heard, and I pride myself in being available to hear your concerns or ideas.

If re-elected I will push hard for sustainable businesses in Alexandria.  Beyond business, I will also be a loud proponent for the following:

Traffic studies by the state of Kentucky to evaluate any changes that are needed on Rt 27.

The creation of more activities/business devoted to our youth.

A dog park on newly purchased land by the city.

Easily accessed code enforcement information and reporting on the city website.

Keeping our tax rate as low as possible.

Continue to look for alternatives to cut down speeding in city subdivisions.

Work with businesses to promote the Fair and Horse Show.

Sidewalk and street maintenance.

In closing, I want to thank our outgoing councilpersons and wish all the candidate’s good luck in the upcoming election.

Steven Shinkle

A major focus for me on council is making sure we continue the updating progress of our Permitted Uses and Zoning laws.  We need to make sure that permitted uses in the city match the areas/location in which they are in.  The 3rd party being utilized by the Planning and Zoning board is going to help set the city with a new updated plan for the future, we need to continue that focus by revisiting these plans frequently.

I want to continue to support the Business Development Committee Alexandria has created.  I welcome new business to the area and continue to support local business already established.  There is nothing better than local business, whether if its a haircut at 27 Strands, picking up dinner from Lou Lou’s or Honey Hole, to participating in parking lot trivia at ABC.

Street and Road repair needs to continue moving forward.  The city has made great progress to maintaining/repairing troubled areas in the city.  We need to make sure this continues to make sure our streets and sidewalks stay in great shape for the community, losing focus on these repairs will make it impossible to keep up on.

These are just a few topics of focus, I encourage you to reach out so we can discuss your specific topics!  The more topics of concern I hear from the people of Alexandria, the better I can serve you in staying Focused on our Future!

I am a candidate for City Council in the City of Alexandria. I am running for a twelfth term on Council. I was first elected in 1998. During my time on Council, the City of Alexandria has grown from a small community on the outskirts of Northern Kentucky to a vibrant City.

I am excited about the next couple of years in Alexandria. We recently revised our website, created a Business Retention and Development Committee, and purchased land for the future City Complex. The Complex will include the administrative building, facility for the police force, facilities for Public Works, a community center, a park, and a dog park.

I am hopeful that I will have an additional two years to work on business development in the City of Alexandria. We have come through the Covid-19 crisis in good financial shape up to this point. We know that there are some additional financial concerns we will face over the next couple of years, but we are well positioned to handle any downturn in the economy. I serve as Chairman of the Finance Committee and we have done well to meet the City’s needs while putting away enough money to cover any shortfalls as the result of a recession.

As stated, I am hopeful to have another couple of years to work for the City. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 22 years on Council and remain committed to making the City of Alexandria a great place to live.

Tom Baldridge

Hi, this is Thomas Baldridge.  I am currently a member of Alexandria City Council.  I have lived in Campbell County for 61 years and a graduate of Campbell County High School.  I am married and have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

As a member of Council, we have accomplished many positive things:

Balanced the city budget despite decreased revenue due to the Coronavirus.

No increase in the property tax rate.

Increased police patrols to ticket speeders and stop sign violators.

Provided 23 Grants to existing Alexandria businesses.

Bought the former Schneider Orchard property for a potential new city building.  There is also enough acreage for a playground, walking trail and dog park.

I have been a good stewart of City Taxpayers.  I have also been an advocate for the citizens.  I am always available if a citizen has a question or concern.

I would greatly appreciate your vote on November 3.

Joe Anderson

Hello I’m Joe Anderson candidate for Alexandria City Council

Here’s why I’m running this year

My wife Lesa and I are lifelong residents were we have raised are two sons Josh and Ryan so we like it here.

To supply the Police department with there needs so they can continue to keep our city safe.

With having a growing community I could be a voice of the people for smart growth and low taxes.

 Have a accurate common sense way of using the tax payers dollars.

Strive to have all stores filled with tenants in Village Green shopping center.

Hiring a full time code enforcement office would support the opportunity to improve some blight areas in and around our town.

Rebuild roads when necessary.

In closing I would like to take this opportunity and ask the people of Alexandria for your vote.

AJ Moermond

My name is AJ Moermond and I am a candidate for Alexandria City Council.  

I have been asked, “What is your motivation for running?”

I have several, and I’ll gladly share them with you.

My driving purpose is to be the citizens’ representative at the local level.  I want to ensure that city government takes the citizens’ best interest into account in all activity.  I don’t play left – side or right – side political games.  The local government is a non-partisan endeavor and should remain that way.  Each topic should sink or swim based solely on its own merit, and not based on who it panders to or which side of the aisle it makes look better.  City resources are the property of the city’s citizens, and should be protected as such.  Every action needs to be guided by the simple principle – Is this in the city’s best interest?

I enjoy serving my community.  I have been elected to city council twice in Highland Heights.  I felt a great sense of pride and accomplishment during my tenure on council there.  I was able to be the citizens’ voice on the local government level.  I made a point to be approachable and compassionate to all of the citizens, and to be a positive advocate for their concerns.  I felt a real purpose in helping others in this way.    I have been involved in a wide range of issues, from helping a 92-year-old man resolve code enforcement issues regarding his trash can storage to working on committees coordinating multi-million-dollar development strategies between NKU and Highland Heights. I was on the hiring committees for both the current Police Chief and the current Public Works Director.   I believe that I made a positive impact on the city of Highland Heights during my time there and would love the opportunity to use my experience and insight for the people of Alexandria.

Alexandria is currently booming.  We have new housing and new business developing along each other at a fantastic rate.  I would love to play an active role in helping to ensure that this city remains a place where people want to live and do business.  All too often a governing body takes its residential and commercial assets for granted.  These two sides of the same coin must be constantly reevaluated and their needs adjusted to if they are, in fact, going to coexist successfully and thrive.  The ultimate goal is for everybody to win, and I would like to serve my community of Alexandria by helping to make that happen.