Carla Landon For Fort Thomas City Council

From the Candidate

Our Communities Matter

Like many of you, our family is adjusting to a new school schedule. For us, it’s week two into in-person schooling. My children are excited to wake up each day, come home and know they need to finish any homework before playing. While they still want to soak up the last bit of beautiful weather before it begins to get cold, they are ready to come in each evening to settle down so we can all get up and start over once again.

As a parent, it could be easy to second guess your decisions, worry about your children’s safety or feel guilty because you may feel relieved about a return of some sense of “normal” in your life, with your kids back in school. I choose to be thankful. Thankful for those who have worked so hard to make changes and decisions to make sure my children get to go back to school. I am thankful for the teachers and administrators who made it possible to do Non-Traditional School until they could go back in-person.

While fall looks a little different from past years – we are still spending a lot of time at home and my girls shout reminders when we leave the house to make sure we all have masks – some of the best of our community is still shinning bright.

Throughout the years, as I have volunteered with many organizations, I have always felt that Northern Kentucky is such a great place to get involved and make a difference. While there is a lot going on in our world today, let’s not forget the importance of the simple things – saying hello to our neighbors, thanking our teachers and getting involved in our communities in big and small ways.

We have a lot to be proud of and a lot to enjoy locally. Your decisions impact our local businesses, support our children and local families and the needs of our neighbors.

Remember, our local communities matters.

Carla Landon is a marketing and communications professional and mom of two girls. She is the past Chair of the NKY Forum, past VP of the Campbell County Public library and resides in Ft. Thomas.

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